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    Stage Video Using Flash Builder 4.51

    BaliHi Level 1



      I am using Flash Builder 4.51, and I cannot get StageVideo to run. My machine is capable of playing StageVideo as I tested the Big Buck Bunny example and saw the change when flicking between StageVideo and normal Video.


      Flash Builder shows that the build that I have is All the tutorial examples I have seen are built using Flex Hero build 18623 which I believe is earlier. So my question is was StageVideo removed somehow when Flash Builder 4.5 and 4.51 were released?


      If it should work on 4.5.1, can anybody give me some tips on what to check or provide some minimal code and instructions to get the expression stage.stageVideos.length to be something different to 0?


      I have changed made sure the wrapper uses wmode="direct", I am using version 11 of the Flash Player, I have a parameter on the compiler for " -swf-version=11".


      When I export the swf from Flash Builder to my web page I still can't get StageVideo to work either locally or on the server.


      I've run out of ideas with this one.


      Any ideas?

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          Claudiu Ursica Level 4

          I have the same version you are suing but installed the eclipse plugin and works fine.

          I do have FP 11.2 from labs installed but I rally doubt that is your issue.



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            BaliHi Level 1

            Hi Claudiu


            I'm glad its working for you, that's encouraging.


            I'm just trying to confirm that we are using the same setup. When you say you have installed the eclipse plugin, does that mean you install Flash Builder or are you using the Flex SDK through eclipse? I agree that FP11.2 is not the issue since StageVideo works if I run the Big Buck Bunny example.


            Also, just to confirm we are talking about the same thing, if you create a new project in Flash Builder and put in the following two methods, are you able to get the "str" variable in the second method to show "Available". If so, what additional steps do you take after create project?


            protected function application1_creationCompleteHandler(event:FlexEvent):void


                 this.systemManager.stage.addEventListener(StageVideoAvailabilityEvent.STAGE_VIDEO_AVAILAB ILITY, onStageVideoState);



            private function onStageVideoState(event:StageVideoAvailabilityEvent):void


                 var str:String = event.availability;


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              Claudiu Ursica Level 4

              I have installed the Flash Builder as an eclipse plugin not as stand alone. 

              I am using Thibault Imbert's SimpleStageVideo (look it up on bytearray.org), but I adapted the class to work for Flex. will put it in a blog post after I finish it properly.

              The value of the str is available in my case.


              I am beginning to not be so sure about the FP version. I remember having issues with this a while ago. I resume this a week ago but I already upgraded the FP version to 11.2. I will on IE with 11 to see how it behaves.



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                BaliHi Level 1

                After much reinstalling and changing things Its now working. And as to why? Well its a complete *@**! mystery. I even tried making it not work by removing the wmode="direct" on the wrapper and removing the parameter on the compiler for " -swf-version=11". It still works anyway.


                Having loaded it to my server it worked fine on my PC and makes drastic improvements to CPU usage (30% for normal video down to 3% using StageVideo). However on my laptop which is quite modern, StageVideo is still unavailable. I then tried it on an Atom based Netbook and although it does find StageVideo is still makes a big difference to the processor and the video is choppy.


                So I guess the message is with StageVideo to always have the backup (normal) method of serving video as you never really know when StageVideo is going to be available, and its sometimes a big improvement but sometimes ie on an Atom processor doesnt solve everything.