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    Linking page to Named Anchor on multiple spry tabbed panels


      I am a Dreamweaver (cs5) "beginner" with little HTML knowlege.  I am doing a site for an artist friend with several art gallery images.  I have created a separate .html page for each image from the gallery (the gallery pages are built within several tabs in a spry tabbed set).  When it came time to link my image page back to the particular gallery page, it did not work, only the default panel could be linked.  I found Gramps' answer to another persons question that was similar to mine, only that person was using spry collapsible panels.   Gramps answer:  <a name="myAnchor"></a>, then URL origin page: ourPage.html?col2=open#myAnchor, and it apparently worked.  I tried this using "tabbedpanel2" which is probably wrong; at any rate.... nothing seems to work. 


      For my first time doing this, can anyone put this in the simplest form, using my own page, link names?  I have spent several day not getting anywhere.


      Spry Panel page is called: store_sheet.html

      namedAnchor on this page is called: o-pg2

      origin page is called: 009.html


      Because I'm not very good in HTML, I usually highlight what I am going to code so that I can find where it is at in the split screen, then I edit.  This is how raw my knowledge-base is at this point.


      Any help and advise would be greatly appreciated.  I'm several days behind because of this glitch.