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    Transform position of text in PrE 9

    KMEfire Level 1

      OK, this is really becoming a nuisance and I've got to put an end to it.......


      I am editing a video and to get my desired effects, I'm using 3 title clips with the same copy. The first is 00;00;00;25, the length of the second is variable, and the third is 00;00;00;25.

      The first and third clip have text animations (drop in by character and drop out by character) and the middle clip has no animations or affects.

      All this copy is to overlay a red bar in the lower portion of my video.


      When I create my first animated clip, the last thing I do (after typing the copy, changing the style. etc) is to Transform-Position to 960x940 to center the text on my red bar.


      This always works perfectly for the first clip. However, the second and third clip (which I copy and paste the text from the first) always automatically changes my 960x940 to 960x935.


      WHY!!! It doesn't seem like much of a hassle, but with having to re-type that number in 50 times it's really becoming a PITA.


      Any ideas on how to avoid this auto-correct?


      Sorry if this seems like a ramble, but not sure how much information you gurus need to figure out what the problem is.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          That is very odd behavior.


          I have never had any Position change, get modified, after I have made that change. However, I never use the Text Animation Presets, and do all of the positioning via Keyframes for the Fixed Effect>Motion>Position.


          With multiple Tiles, requiring the same Effect>Motion>Position, I do the Keyframing on the first, then Rt-Click on it, choosing Copy. For any additional Titles, I will Select them, Rt-Click on them, and choose Paste Attributes. Those Attributes always come in, and do not get modified by the program.


          I cannot imagine what is causing that change, that you are observing, but maybe others will have some ideas.


          Good luck,