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    Revert to Original Clips in PPro After Linking to AE Comp?

    lbsimpson Level 1

      Hi folks,


      Just wrapping up a project, hit the stylizing stage and started sending 'replacing with after effects composition' various segments of my project timeline in PPro CS5 .  All was going well, but I decided to modify the linked composition names inside AE.  I added a simple 'VIG 1' to each composition name in AE.  I am learning that mistake the hardway.  I've returned to the project and find the linked compositions inside PPro are offline, and every attempt to open the AE project to revert the composition names back to the defaults leads to a crash before the project even begins loading.  I'm ready to call that AE project file a loss, but is there any away to get access to the original clips in the PPro sequence rather than the linked composition replacement?