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      I want to print a booklet with no page number on the cover or on the blank inside page backing up the cover. I want to start number 1 on the first right-hand page. Same with the back cover - the back and the last right-hand page (blank) backing up the back cover are unnumbered.


      I have tried using "None" as the master for the back of the cover and also copied the "A" master spread to a "B" master spread, deleted the page numbers and dropped the "B" master on the pages I want unnumbered.


      The problem I have is that when I create a booklet in "Print Booklet," the unnumbered page "2" is pushed to the end of the booklet and becomes the left-hand page before the back cover and the first numbered page "1" is printed on the back of the front cover. Funny thing - the cover has a "None" master and stays in its position.


      How do I get Absolute Page 2 to remain as the actual page 2? (I'm using CS 4)

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          Next time, please start a new thread for a new question.


          It sounds to me like your booklet either doesn't contain a multiple of 4 pages, or you have neglected to include blank pages in the print setup.

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            Apologies for the threading. I am very new to forums.  It is a desperate measure to find an answer. I haven't got as far as printing - only viewing it on screen. The document is 245 pagesm all correct and otherwise ready to go.  But I cannot insert pages numbers no matter what I try. Using master pages ends up with the same two numbers on every spread or a message about invalid numbers being entered when trying to apply master pages. I am at my wit's end.

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              CHANDERLI Level 1

              I had not turned on Print Blank Pages in the printer settings. Thanks!

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                CHANDERLI Level 1

                highsore13 - when you insert the page numbers on the master are you using "Type/Insert Special Character/Markers/Current Page Number"? If you get the same numbers on every page it sounds like you are actually typing a number into the text frame on the master instead of inserting the special character.

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                  highshore13 Level 1

                  Yes. I am doing precisely that. I think the best thing is that I start the entire job from the beginning, set up master pages and then feed in the text. Nothing is working.  All I want to do is number my pages ... it should not be this complicated and take a whole day to achieve nothing.