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    Document.body.setAttribute("scrollTop") Broken after Installing Reader X


      I have a C# program downloaded from Code Project.  This program finds an open Internet Explorer browser window and saves the entire web page to an image file.


      This is done by using SHDocView WebBrowser object.

      The exact code is:

      myDoc.body.setAttribute("scrollTop", screenHeight * pageNo, 0)

        where myDoc is the document object from the open browser window, and screenHeight is the height of the window itself, and pageNo is, well, the page number.


      The purpose is to scroll the browser window to the next screen.  This code is iterated until the full web page has been displayed.  Each iteration will take a picture of the visible screen.

      The problem is, this worked perfectly until I was prompted to upgrade to the current version of adobe reader, which I did.  While the application was scrolling the screen to take the pictures, you could view the browser flashing between different screens of the active web page.


      The install makes you close out all browser windows so it can update Internet Explorer, then it completes the install.

      After the install, my program would not work anymore.  The screen of the open browser I was trying to capture would no longer scroll.


      Can anybody confirm this is an issue, and provide a work-around?  I would be happy to provide entire code if needed.