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    How do I optimally convert 1080/60p AVCHD to MPEG2 SD for buring onto a DVD?

    rufusclyde Level 1

      Hello Forum,


      I am using Pr CS5.5. I've imported and edited AVCHD 1080/60p files (from a Panasonic TM700), done my editing, and now I want to burn the project onto DVDs. Sending it to Encore, using default settings there, and burning a DVD produced pretty lousy results.I'm guessing that using Adobe Media Encoder to do the conversions would be a lot better, and I watched a tutorial by Jeff Bellune on how to do this in CS4. Two things that have changed since then are the new 1080/60p format for AVCHD, and that Pr CS5.5 has some more features in its AME window. Does anyone have any suggestions on what settings to use? Also, is 1080/60p like 720/60p, where Bellune's recommendation is to do the conversion in two steps, one for down sizing and one for interlacing? Thanks!!