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    Strange error message when I tried to use the "collaborate" function under "File"

    maggiehu2011 Level 1

      Has anyone else met this before? : I am trying to share my project with my team members. Tried File -> Collaborate and then try three options under it. Non e of them works. It asks for your Adobe ID in order to sign in and upload. However, every time I typed in my Adobe ID and password, it gave me strange error messages. The first time it says: User has not verified email address yet. I have been using this Adobe ID since 2008 or 2009 and of course I have verified my email address. But to make sure, I went back to my email box and search for emails about Adobe ID verification but I didn't find any (I never delete emails such as this).

      Then I tried to register a new Adobe ID. This time when I tried to singn in with the new Adobe ID, it will either say "Network may not be available" (which is not true because I am able to surf on the Internet at the same time), or it says "User has not accepted user condition/agreement".


      I feel so frustrated because I feel this is definitely not my mistake which caused the failure of log in.

      Hope someone can tell me what the reason is and how to fix it though.

      Thanks a lot.