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    Mask clipping only works with absolute widths and heights


      Hi all for some reason this works:


      <s:BorderContainer height="404" width="504" borderColor="0x000000" borderWeight="2" backgroundColor="0x000000" filters="{[dsf]}" cornerRadius="10">

                      <s:Group id="mask">

                          <s:Rect width="500" height="400" radiusX="10" radiusY="10">






                  <s:BitmapImage width="100%" height="100%" source="/assets/images/logo.jpg" maskType="alpha" mask="{mask}"/>



      But if i change the clipping rect to:


      <s:Rect left="0" right="0" top="0" bottom="0" radiusX="10" radiusY="10">




      <s:Rect width="100%" height="100%" radiusX="10" radiusY="10">


      It does not work as a mask and only displays the background color of the BorderContainer.


      I'm using flash builder 4.5


      Any reason for this inconsistency?