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    Chrome and Firefox plug-ins not installed with latest version of Reader


      I'm running OS X 10.7.2 and just installed the latest version of Acrobat Reader and would like to use the plug-ins it is supposed to come with to view PDFs in Chrome and Firefox. However, the version of Reader that I downloaded (10.1.1) doesn't seem to include the plug-ins. A few additional pieces of information:


      1) Acrobat Reader > Contents > Plug-ins contains NO files.

      2) In Reader, the Preferences > Internet > "Display PDF in browser" box is checked.

      3) In Chrome, Acrobat Reader is not listed on chrome://plugins

      4) In Firefox, Acrobat Reader is not include in the list of Plug-Ins


      I already rebooted my computer, and also deleted and re-installed Adobe Reader. Now at a loss for what to do next. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!!