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    Lag on button clicks in iOS

    scober99 Level 1

      I have an app I did for Blackberry and then for Android that I am trying to move to iOS. I am seeing a disturbing lag on button presses. I have a bunch of simple buttons that control the app. If I touch one, there is a noticeable lag before the button down state is drawn and the event is fired (I can tell on the event by how long it takes to hear the sound FX on the button press. I do not see this on Android. Is there some known opitmization I can make for iOS to get rid of this issue?


      (note - I know my cod eis  amess and there are many areas for optimization, but somethign as simple as buttons seems like it ought to work).

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          xia rao Level 1

          Could you please open a new bug report on this over at bugbase.adobe.com? Please include sample media, code, project or app to help us reproduce the problem. Finally, once the bug has been added would you mind posting back with the URL so that others affected can add their votes and comments?