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    Parallel Approvals -- How to send Input to Data preparation process




      I have created a parallel process with using gateways to send a form through 8 concurrent approvals; the problem is that the form only gets updated with the formdata of the quickest completed route; so ultimately data is lost from some branches when the gateway closes. (Rather than acting more so like a database where fields are locked while in use and updated with no data lost).


      So I have looked into having each approval task (8 in total) use a custom action profile with a custom 'Data preparation process' which will run when a user opens the task and on the fly it will then load the latest form data (to minimize the risk of data loss; still not perfect though).  But in order to do this I need to be able to pass the form data into the 'Data Preparation Process'; how can I do this?



      So to summarize, 1) how do I pass variables (such as formdata) into the data preparation process; and 2) is there a better approach for parallel approvals?


      Thank you everyone.