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    Dynamic form in Mac OS

    adobe_newbee Level 1


      we have created an acrobat dynamic form using Livecycle Designer . We have a web application, where when the user wants to open the form, we prefill some fields in the form and display it in the browser.

      Here is how it works,


      1. The form was designed using Livecycle Designer .

      2. The user clicks on a link and the app server renders the form, with some prefilled data( we maipulate those data into the form using itext ) .

      3. The user fills some more information and / or puts a digital signature on the form .

      4. There are few buttons ( we have put in the form) , one for printing the form, One for saving the form, one for saving and emailing the form .

      5. Depending upon the action ( save  or save and email) we save the form in a drive in the server ( the user can request it back to view) or we save and email it to sepcfic email addresses.


      But when we access the same form in Mac OS 10.6.8 in safari browser, it opens up outside the application in a new winodw. So whatever action the user takes ( clicing on any button ) , we dont have any control or way to capture that.


      So my question is is there a solution for it ? There must be some one worked on it before or have some idea. Please share your thoughts and suggestion on it .