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    My VScrollBar applied on List ignores my custom Skin

    epineight Level 1

      I'm trying to customize the skin of a List. The code looks like this:


      <s:List id="selector" x="670" height="327" itemRenderer="components.GalleryThumbnailRenderer" borderVisible="false" contentBackgroundAlpha="0" focusAlpha="0" horizontalScrollPolicy="off">
                <s:TileLayout requestedColumnCount="2" horizontalGap="1" verticalGap="1"  />
                          <s:VScrollBar skinClass="components.VScrollSkin" />


      I've generated the components.VScrollSkin with Flash Builder using spark.components.VScrollBar as host component and created as a copy of spark.skins.spark.VScrollBarSkin


      Whatever I change and do in components.VScrollSkin isn't applied when I build the app. Always the default Skin is shown. I've but a trace in components.VScrollSkin to see if it's actually being loaded or not. But it is being used.

      What am I doing wrong????