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    Waveform IRE Level Over 100 on Sony A77 but not for Canon T2i

    Dave Dugdale Level 1

      White IRE Level Over 100 Why.jpg

      Why does the Sony A77 have a white IRE level over 100 while the Canon T2i max out at 100? You can view this larger if you like so you can see the graph better, http://www.flickr.com/photos/davedugdale/6326846722/.


      On my Canon I have highlight tone priority turned off and Auto lighting optimizer turned off as well. Also on both camera I have them set to a neutral picture style and the lowest contrast setting.


      I am trying to do a test on which camera can hold the highlights better.


      As you can see I matched the skin tone levels on the left by changing the camera settings to match each other so I could see what would happen on the right side where I drew a tree that is heavily back lite.


      But it is hard to draw any conclusions when the Sony is "cheating" with higher IRE levels.


      I wonder if it has to do with the color space? I don't think so because both are using the sRGB color space.

      No transcoding was done to any of the clips dragged on to the timeline. Just "raw" files from the cameras.


      The Sony A77 creates AVCHD Video (.MTS) files while the Canon T2i creates MOV video (.MOV) files.

      What is interesting is if I use the same clips in Sony Vegas Pro 9, the Waveforms match at 110 IRE. Something wrong with Premiere?


      White IRE Level Over 100 Why Sony Vegas.jpg

      Sony A77 on the left and Canon T2i on the right.


      To see better: http://www.flickr.com/photos/davedugdale/6328037442/