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    Importing DITA map into Robohelp 9 FATAL ERROR




      So I'm trying to import a DITA map into Robohelp 9. I have the DITA Open Toolkit, and I am able start the import process. However, my map always seems to fail with the following error:



      Failed to parse the input file 'SampleDITAMap_PI.ditamap' due to below exception. Please correct the input base on the exception message.:SampleDITAMap_PI.ditamap Line 24:Element type "navtitle" must be declared.


      Number of Fatals : 1

      Number of Errors : 0


      I've notived that the map is connected to the map.dtd file, in which <navtitle> doesn't appear to be present. I've tries declaring the element in the code of the ditamap file as:
      <!ELEMENT topicmeta (navtitle*)>


      but then Robohelp says that topic meta cannot be declared twice. Will inserting some code about <navtitle> into the DTD file that defines <topicmeta> fix this?

      Is there some other way I can define <navtitle>? I've tried <!ELEMENT navtitle ([every single variation of what would be navtitle] separated by "|")

      Why do I have this issue in the first place?!

      Why isn't navtitle declared?!