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    app.openDoc issue

    AcroBishop Level 1

      In prior versions of Acrobat, calling "app.openDoc({cPath:pathToPDF, bHidden:false})" would open the desired document in Acrobat with all tools available.  However, in Acrobat X, the first time I call this method Acrobat opens with a menu bar, but only a subset of the tools.  Form tools are completely unavailable and can't be accessed unless I close Acrobat and re-open the document manually.  The second time I call the method Acrobat opens with no menu bar at all.  I don't understand why the behavior is different from one call to another or why the tools are limited.  Is there a work-around for this problem?  Also, I noticed the same behavior when launching documents inside a browser window.  Any insight is appreciated.