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    New Adobe /Kona drivers out

    lasvideo Level 4

      The new Adobe / Kona drivers are out. They are both numbered 9.1. At first glance I am noticing an improvement in some issues I had before.


      Side bar...

      Just a quick note to all members of this forum. I am a big fan of CS 5.5 and Adobe. My goal is to act as a catalyst in addressing  and  correcting any issues that need attention. I am an enthusiastic motivated person and I put a lot of energy into things that are important to me. PrP is one of those things!

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          needles27 Level 3



          I'm excited to try these out - just haven't had a chance to fire them up.  I read the release notes, but I'm curious what your biggest issues that were solved with this release?  Thanks!

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            lasvideo Level 4

            Needles. I think my biggest issue at this point is export time on long form and graphic intensive projects. Ive been kind of blessed since my early Mac Pro hasnt had a lot of the issues that other folks are reporting with playback to external monitors. The 5D playback in an AJA sequence looks good but is not quite as smooth as an Adobe sequence. I havnet had problems with the other video formats to date. But Im always glad to get new drivers from AJA. Thank goodness I dont have Black Magic or Matrox since I have read lots of folks with issues them.

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              lasvideo Level 4

              Upon closer testing with 5D footage, which due to compression can be challenging, the output of the Kona 3 on my Panasonic reference monitor (with new drivers) is SMOOTH AS GLASS.