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    Scratch card





      I'm an Android dev, trying to push my way in to learning flex and AIR.


      I'm trying to make a scratch card. I've found out how to do it with Flash CS5.5 no problem. I would just plain do it in that but I'm going to be adding native functions (when I figure that out as well).


      I followed this example and set everything up in flash with a flash component, minus the actionscript. The actionscript can't seem to find the maskedbg_mc symbol. I'm assuming the actionscript has to be done in my flex project. I can't get access to my flash component symbols in flex either, though.


      There are references to the symbols if I export them for actionscript and give them a name. Those just come out as objects that don't cast to their types


      I'm not looking for a full solution, but could somone point me in the right direction?

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          Turns out I just wan't doing it right(obviously)


          To get the symbols on my flash component I was trying to reference the static flash component instead of giving the instance of it an id and using that.

          I also pulled all of the actionscript out of the flash component and put it in to flex!