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    All my recordings are black screens


      I'm still using Captivate 3, and recently loaded it on a new computer, Windows 7 64 bit. At first it was working fine, but now when I record, the slides are black. I can see the mouse and its movement, but not the actual screen. I have two monitors, by unplugging one I was able to get it to work again for a bit, but now that solution isn't working either.


      Any ideas?



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          RodWard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Try setting it to work with compatibility for Windows XP 32 bit. You may be lucky.


          However, it's quite possible that you won't get it to work at all since Windows 7 was just a gleam in Bill Gate's eye when Captivate 3 was released.  And there were very few (if any) 64 bit systems out at the time for the Adobe Captivate developers to test the app with.  Some people even find they cannot get Captivate 4 to run on Win 7 64bit.


          On the encouraging side, I seem to be one of the lucky ones.  I not only have Captivate 4 working on my DELL Win7 Ultimate 64bit lappy but I also have Captivate 3 working there as well.


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            PhylumPhilter Level 1

            Thanks for the recommendation. I tried that, but doesn't help. Guess I'll try reinstalling, see if that will do anything, since it worked fine for a bit after I first installed it...


            edit: reinstall didn't help.


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