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    Source path not always working???

    miquael Level 1

      I'm working on a Flash Builder project that involves developing an application incorporating a pre-exising legacy framework (literally hundreds of MXML and AS files). 


      One of the issues involves that, although I have pre-set the the source path to the leagcy code base (${DOCUMENTS}/Client/Main/classes), as I try to incorporate classes from the code base, sometimes I get errors on dependency importations within *those* classes, such as:

      import com.rworld.engine.IRoomDescription;



      function set description(value:IRoomDescription):void;


      I get the error "1046: Type was not found or was not a compile-time constant: IRoomDescription."  - When clearly, it is being imported, and clearly I've already set the source path (com.rworld.* is inside ${DOCUMENTS}/Client/Main/classes).


      If I add the importation to my own high-level application class, then it resolves the issue:



      import com.rworld.engine.IRoomDescription;



      WHY???  Must I import every single inter-depenency into my application class??? This is not behaving very OOP.  Seems like something is funky with Flash Builder in this case.


      Anyone have any insights into this???