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    How to move multi select rows(records)from one datagrid to another datagrid completelly in flex4

    Venkatesan Balasubramanian Level 1

      hi friends,



      I  am doing mxml flex 4 wep application i am using 2 forms, each form i am using datagrid,i am struck in this place,


      my proplem is, in first form i am having a grid with 10rows and columns,i am having 10 records and one move button. Next form also having a datagrid,




      IF i am doing multi select(2records) from the first datagrid and click move button means that records will show in the second datagrid and will also delete

      from the first data grid again it wont show the records in same datagrid.



      how to do this?


      any useful suggession or snippet code.


      thanks in advance,