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    Can I download a DV tape to Premier Elements without a firewire connection?


      I recently purchased a new HD camcorder as well as Premier Elements 10.  One of the tasks that I'd like to accomplish via Premier Elements is to download my old DV tapes to my hard drive, which the software seems to support.  The instruction manuals and video tuitorials mention that this transfer / capture must generally be done with a firewire connection (which my computer does not have).  However, my new HD camcorder downloads via a USB connection without a problem.  I tried to download from the DV camcorder using a USB connection and (sure enough) Premier Elements wouldn't recognize the old camcorder.  Does anyone know why is this a problem / what the compatibility issue is?  Is there a way to download the DV tapes to my hard drive without having to purchase and install a new firewire connection to my existing computer and buying a new firewire cord?


      Thanks in advance for any help offered.