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    Default "camera" when no camera layer is turned on

    Toomany3 Level 1

      What are the default camera settings when you don't have a camera layer in your composition?  When you turn layers on for 3D but don't have an actual camea layer, there's still a "camera" on, but not as a layer (otherwise how could you have an "active camera" view or be able to move in 3D space, etc.).


      What's the default mm settings specifically?


      I run into this every so often when I built a simple AE project without bothering to add a camera layer, but then the "simple" project gets a little more complicated and I need to add a "real" camera.  And since the settings of the invisible/default camera aren't the same as my new camera layer, all my composition in Z-space gets wiggy since it's not the same.


      Sometimes I just need to add a camera that's exactly the same as the invisible one I was using prior to adding a camera layer.