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    How can I access the ios custom keyboards


      The hoopla for Flex 4.6 spoke about being able to access the custom keyboards such as the login, email, etc.  I've been searching for a while and there seems to be no info on how this is done.  Closest I've found is someone who built one from scratch, which is not a viable options, since the ios sdk seems to have a bunch of them available for use.  If only there were some instructions as to how to get them.


      Anyone have any ideas?

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          zeth.bw Level 1
          Do you speack about this feature ?


          <s:TextInput id="ti" softKeyboardType="email"/>

          Hint indicating what kind of soft keyboard should be displayed for this component.

          Supported values are defined in flash.text.SoftKeyboardType:

          • "default" - the default keyboard
          • "punctuation" - puts the keyboard into punctuation/symbol entry mode
          • "url" - present soft keys appropriate for URL entry, such as a specialized key that inserts '.com'
          • "number" - puts the keyboard into numeric keypad mode
          • "contact" - puts the keyboard into a mode appropriate for entering contact information
          • "email" - puts the keyboard into e-mail addres entry mode, which may make it easier to enter the at sign or '.com'