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    Text reflow problem

    Jun Kai

      Hi guys, here's what i needed to do: Address stickers.


      I have 2 stories in a single page. When i paste the text from clipboard, it generates new page, but the 2 stories becomes seperate on page 2 and 3. How can this be solved? I need them to be together in a single page. Please see pictures. This problem have been bugging me for awhile. Thank you!


      Picture 2.png

      Master Pages text area for NAME


      Picture 3.png

      Master Pages text for ADDRESSes

      Technically speaking, it should create new pages and flow the text together, however, this is not what i get. What i get is 2 extra pages, one which have the Name, the other is the address.


      Picture 5.png
      Great, this is what i want. (Page 1)




      Picture 6.png

      When text starts to reflow... (Page 2)


      Picture 7.png

      When text starts to reflow (Pg 3).


      I i want is p2 and p3 to be together like page one.


      Hope you guys understand. Thanks!

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          I've glanced at this, not read it over several times carefully, so I don't really understand the workflow here. My impression is you are doing this in a very odd way and making a lot of trouble for yourself.


          Any sort of labeling job like this should probably be done using Data Merge, with multiple records per page. With Data Merge (which is well explained in the Help files) you set up placeholders for data on your template (for multiple records per page you set up exactly one label or whatever in position at the upper left) and InDesign reads the data from a text file and adds as many labels and pages as required. Warning -- there is a bug in Data Merge in CS5/CS5.5 that causes your merge to fill each page with the same record (I think) IF you pres the preview button in the dialog to check. The way to avoid this is to trust ID and not preview, or "undo" the preview step before running the merge.


          Read about Data Merge, see if it looks like it will help you and can be adapted to the way your data is stored now, and post back if you need more help. If you don't think Data Merge is the way to go, please provide details about how the data you've been copying is stored.