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    Using InDesign/Folio to create web app


      Hi - I am experimenting with InDesign CS 5.5 and Folio's tools to create a mobile app of our magazine with some exciting results. However, I want to use these same InDesign files to create 'web' version too. Currently we use the 'page turning' technology (ie, external company) who use Flash... but we want to use purely html5 and be in control ourselves. Is there a way we can create a 'mobile app' version of our magazine AND a web/html version that is identical without having to create a separate InDesign file for this?


      So we could create the magazine in landscape and vertical (for mobile apps), and use the landscape version for web? I am not after page-turning technology, just a practical solution to get the mag online ourselves using InDesign.


      Any help appreciated!