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    Redraw item renderer after updating data.

    artguate Level 2

      I have large collection (through an AsyncListView) of elements and each element is not bindable for performance reasons.  I wish to have the item renderer redraw an item after a property of that item has changed, but I really don't wish to make them all bindable.


      I know I can simply "replace" the item in the collection, and that will trigger the redraw, but I rather not replace the item, nor I wish to do a list refresh.


      The Update event also works on the concept of oldItem newItem, so that doesn't seem to do the trick.


      Any suggestions on how to trigger the List to redraw the item renderer?


      BTW. The app is decoupled, so the command that updated the value of the element does not know or care about the list.  It should just trigger and event and if there is a List listening then it should update redraw the item renderer.