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    Growing Pains to the Maximum


      Good Day.


      I have OH so many questions, it's hard to know where to start.


      For example, i got The Blues - literally and emotionally.

      I'm using CS5.5.0 (from the Master Collection).
      On a project i just built (my frist, real paying gig), has sseveral areas where my blackest blacks turn a rather annoying grade of blue. This shows up barely on my preview monitor (internal to Premier) and very dramatically on my external monitor(s) (via a Matrox MXO2).  What the hey?!


      But more importantly and pressingly, I can't get a good render out of PP.  The timeline looks good and plays back smoothly (mostly, sometimes it stutters in a very bizarre way), and I can OCCASIONALLY get a good h.264 to play back on my computer (after a render).  But more often than not, the render ends up stuttery in the higher motion areas of the movie.  And when I upload that to Vimeo or YouTube, it's so stuttery, it makes me grind my teeth.

      My computer should not be the issue (i7 970 w/24BG of RAM, using a nvidia Quadro4000 on a 64bit Win 7 system), but I'm willing to entertain any possibilities.


      To Export, I'm going to File>Export Media> then choosing h.264 and I have tried the Vimeo HD preset, the YouTube preset and the HighQuality preset, all to the same basic result -  a stuttery video.  I finally gave up and rendered a WMV and it's still stuttery!  growl!   I then REALLY gave up and tried to render and AVI using my old Cineform 6.0 codec and PP done crashed twice on me.


      Woe is me.


      Other problems encountered in this project (and these I'm convinced are growing pains), embedding an AE project into the PP timeline works great - unless you want to draw from multiple AE projects. 
      I decded to get fancy and so I used an AE comp in my PP sequence.  SWEET!  It was a simple enough graphic animation, it played back IN REAL TIME!  I was overjoyed!
      Then, since I know AE better than I know PP (been using AE for a couple years now, and PP only a few weeks), I decided to do my CC in AE.  Wanting to keep my AE projects seperate, I had one project called Anims, and one project called ColorCorrection.  I RightClicked on my file(s) to be CC'd and opened them right up in AE.  No sweat.  Did my do there and Saved the project.  Came back into PP and, Hazzah!  the files were updated with my new CC.  But... horror... my other comps, my Anims, were now OffLine (or Missing Media).  What the hey?!?!  Finally I just went back and rendered the anims out at Cineform files and bypassed the embedded comps (I apologize if I'm not using correct termonology).


      ANOTHER issue I encountered was in sweetening my audio: I RightClicked and choose Edit Clip in Adobe Audition.  Worked just like it would if I were using Sony Vegas (which is where I'm coming from)(and FCP too).  However, my problems started when i went back to edit on that same file.  PP (or Audition) started ANOTHER file!  Bugger!  i don't want 2 files. I want one.  So I deleted that new file and decided to just Open the "old" new file in Audition directly.  I did my Noise Reduction and whatever else and Saved that file, but that didn't update in PP.  eh?!?  Same file, no update?!


      Truly, I'm passing most of this off as Newb Errors - as i say, Growing Pains.


      Any and all advice will be most welcome and appreciated.  I'm almost 50 now and this learning new stuff isn't what it used to be...   ;-)


      Thanks very much to all who read this far.  You're a trooper.

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          Powered by Design Level 4

          Have you tried updating to the new 5.5.2 version ?


          I see you have 5.5.0 listed.


          I dont know if it fixes your problem.


          http://blogs.adobe.com/premiereprotraining/2011/11/adobe-premiere-pro-cs5-5-5-5-2-update-m aximus-functionality-and-bug-fixes.html




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            Jim_Simon Level 9

            Can you post the YouTube or Vimeo link so we can see the stutter?


            Also, list your media, sequence and export specifications.

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              matthewroddy Level 1

              Sorry I've been away for a while.  Other deadlines at work and stuff.


              I just Updated all my Adobe stuff.  Doesn't seem to have helped most of the issues.  I also updated my graphics driver.  Man... when i was younger, I used to be able to figure this stuff out easier.

              Now I just wish I had someone to take this to and say, Please make it work so I don't have to think about that aspect of it.

              Anyway, thanks for clueing me in that there's an update. I thought that happened automoatically, but after I told it to look for updates, it found several.


              It's a good point, that I didn't give any of my Sequence's tech info.  Sorry about that.  Nor did I give a link so you could see the issues.  Wutadope.

              The Sequence is populated with some Canon 7D footage, a Matrox AVI, some ProRes422, a JPG, a few Cineform files (rendered from AE) and some AE comps (for CCing some of the footage).   Most of the footage is 720 or 1080i.


              It's a Matrox 720 29.97 timeline.


              I exported a h.264 file using the Vimeo and YouTube templates.


              I'm currently uploading a new file to Vimeo right now.  I'll post the link once it's done processing.

              [Edit]  Here's the Vimeo link:


              I'll do a YouTube video later.

              Thanks very much for your answers.  you both get "Helpful" from this ol' boy.   :-)

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                Jim_Simon Level 9

                I didn't see any problems.  Where in the video do you see them?

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                  matthewroddy Level 1

                  Thanks for checking it out and taking the time to Reply.  Much appreciated.


                  Three of the three computers I use all "jitter" on parts of the video where there's a lot of motion (delta).  It's most noticable in the photo montages.

                  It's not TERRIBLE, but it should be glass smooth.

                  My computers are all pretty new and high end (taking the philosophy of buying the best you can afford, and keeping that for a long time) with good-to-very-good graphics cards), so i was convinced that it wasn't my computer's playback that was the issue.

                  But if you're not seeing and "stuttering" in those areas, maybe it is my setup(s).

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                    Jim_Simon Level 9

                    One of the motion graphics sections jumped a bit, so I went back and replayed it to see if it was in the video itself, or just the playback.  Second time 'round played smooth as glass.


                    I think what you're seeing here is just the result of Vimeo playback.  Happens a lot on YouTube as well.

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                      matthewroddy Level 1

                      Thanks very much.


                      Sadly, I'm a bit of a perfectionist, so anything that SHOULD be perfect (smooth, in this case) and isn't sorta drives me nuts. 
                      I hate it when things don't make sense.

                      Like about a dozen issues i've been having with CS5.5 over the past few days. 

                      I know some of it's growning pains, but some of it is downright quirkiness (like a file just refusing to render after about 70%, then fully rendering after a 2nd or 3rd attempt with no other changes made)(I've literally got dozens of quirks that have been making me crazy over the past few days).


                      Thanks again for checking it out and reporting back.  Helps a lot.