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    Error in encoded data in 2D barcode

    KAKristensen Level 1

      Hi, I have been met with a strange problem.


      I have a form with a 2D barcode. The barcode is a pdf417 barcode and the character encoding is ISO-8859-1.


      Often the field data include special characters as Æ – Ø – Å – Ü


      Most of the time everyting is fine. But now and then (I guess one in a thousand) it seams that the encodeding of the special characters get wrong. e.i in the form field the data is ”Ørskov” but the barcode data says ”Ãrskov”. I have not been able to reproduce the error in house but I have seen a few on incomming forms in the last 6 month.


      Where should I start troubleshooting? Has it anything to do with the client’s version or settings of Adobe Reader?


      Is there anything I can do to prevent this error?