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    [XPost] Director 11 - Live Online Meeting

    Martin Schaefer Level 1
      Hi folks,

      on Tuesday, June 3rd @ 9am EDT we will hold a live online meeting with users and the Adobe Director Dev Team to demonstrate and discuss bugs and quirks in Director 11 and of course have a Q&A session.
      This meeting will be an Adobe Connect live meeting incl. screen-sharing, VoIP audio, chat and more.

      If you have any bugs or quirks to present and discuss, please let me know so I can add them to the agenda.

      Log in as guest and enter a user name.

      What's the exact time in your time zone?

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          Please ask them to add concaveshape DYNAMIC rigid bodies like in Havok.

          From there manual:
          A rigid body using #concaveshape proxy must be #static. A -28 error is thrown if you try to create a concave dynamic body.

          Please ask them if they can add that. I know it's not a bug but it leaves a bunch of my games stuck on havok because they use dynamic rigid bodies. example a moveable basketball court... or a movable garbage can...