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    Few Q's regarding moving files from illustrator into indesign




      I am new to both Indesign and Illustrator. I am currently going through the Lynda tutorials and Adobe in a book...


      I have created adverts in illustrator. Inorder to move the adverts into indesign i can do either "paste" or "place".


      I have found "place" is best. However, my first question is this:


      When i save the illustrator advert, it is converted into PDF. Is it always best to convert the file into a PDF before placing into Indesign???


      Also is it possible to paste a fully layered advert into indesign FROM illustrator?? So i can manipulate the layers there???


      Whenever i have tried to copy and paste an advert from illustrator into indesign it seems it only allows me to either copy a field of text or a certain part of the advert only.


      I am unable to copy the whole multi-layered advert.


      I have yet to save an advert down into a non-pdf format. I will try it tonight...


      Many thanks

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          tonyharmer Adobe Community Professional

          Place your files, you'll lose (most of) your editability (and flexibility) and make your ID file bigger if you paste.


          If you need to make an edit to your placed ID file, simply alt + double-click it.


          Illustrator usually creates PDF compatible files - that's quite normal.


          Layers - no.



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            Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

            To expand a little, it is possible to paste even an entire ad as editable paths (you may need to uncheck Prefer PDF When Pasting in the Clipboard Handliing section of the prefs) IF it is simple enough, but your text will be converted to outlines and will not be editable, and when the illustration becomes too complex it will paste as a single PDF object no matter waht you've selected.


            For the record, except for a very isolated shape or two that were easier to draw in Illy and then paste into ID that needed to be editable when they got there, I have ALWAYS come to regret having made a decision to paste from Illustrator rather than Place the file. It may take a year or more, but inevitabley I find I need to re-use the object, and then I find I need to make some change and have to edit in multiple places instead of just opening the original and updating the links.

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              mckayk_777 Level 2

              Place the illy file into indesign and as peter says you can alt double click and go back to illy to make any changes, would suggest keeping the illy files as native format and not save them as pdf.

              Copy and paste illy files will make your workflow much slower (depending on how many and how complex) but a placed illy file will be much better.

              Two ways, Save the illy file as a ai and place that or "save as" into another folder as a pdf and place that you can save the ai to the pdf again if any changes need to be made and indesign will update the link for you.

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                Larry G. Schneider Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Save the file as an .ai file. In the second dialog box make sure the box that says Create PDF Compatibile File is checked.