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    Common Button


      Hi, i'm giving catalyst a try and i have a small question.

      Imagine i have some kind of form with like 15 buttons, all exactly alike (except for the action they trigger and the text label they have), and on the next screen the same thing.

      Is there any way to make like a "template" button, or something like this? It seems wrong to define all the states over and over again for a button that always has the same appearence!

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          Chris W. Griffith Adobe Community Professional

          That is exactly was button component is for. What you might have been doing is taking the button component from the common library panel each time you wanted to add a button to your design. Instead, after you have added your first button (from the common library panel), use the button that is now stored in your Project Library. That button will act as your template. Any deisng changes to make to that button will be reflected across all the uses.


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          You might want to spend some time watching some of the tutorials on Adobe TV