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    Mass-movement of images in large project

    robert-sfl Level 1

      Hi all,

      my current problem is a large project that suffers severe performance problems due to a bad (rather: no-existent) structure. 2000 topics and about as many images are all placed in the root folder. My firsts steps would normally be to delete the CPD file and then after reopening the project, to move the images into a dedicated folder.


      The problem is that moving them one by one is almost impossible due to the slow performance. My idea: move them outside of Robohelp, then use the multifile find&replace-tool to correct the paths, then delete the CPD again. Will Robohelp grasp the new paths?


      Do you have any ideas/experiences of this nature? Restructuring the topics is probably not an option because the software developers have linked directly to the topic paths of the webhelp-output.




      P.S. The version is RoboHelp 7 for this project, update is not possible (and would probably not help anyway).