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    RH9 CSH: Help buttons lead to wrong topics


      We are developing a Java-based web application. A context-sensitive help is to be implemented to this application. The help should be called via buttons at the different points. Each button should lead to appropriate topic.


      The help was written in Word and imported to RoboHelp 9. In RH project we created association IDs for each subject and stored them in the map file ("associationId.h"). WebHelp was generated from this project and given with "associationId.h") to the developer.

      We use Apache Wicket. First, we have built the RoboHelp_CSH.js in the header (see picture)


      Then we have implemented the "RH_ShowHelp" method on a button with "onClick" event:


      RH_ShowHelp(0,'resources/de.gaf.wpm.web.BasePage/help/en/TanzaniaWPM_Manual_EN.htm',HH_HEL P_CONTEXT,2)

      Although we have specified 2 for the association ID, it always jumps to the topic with the ID 1 in the Help window.

      It is important to clarify where we can find the error:


      Is it produced by the creation and generation of the project, or by the application integration?

      Where exactly should we build the “associationId.h” in the header?

      How does this header file work in the RH JS method?