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    Why are Black elements shown as "Separation Black (Process color)"?


      Hi there everyone!



      Would anyone have an idea why regular, black 100% K InDesign Text sometimes goes to the PDF as "Separation: Black (Process Color)"?




      While the usual black color appears on PitStop like this:




      Additional information:


      - I tried to search this forums for a topic like this, but I think no one has asked it yet.

      - I swear it's a normal regular black on InDesign. No swatches, pantones or tints used.

      - I'm using the PitStop Inspector to do the check.

      - As you see, it also shows "Alternate Color Space: CMYK". Don't know what this means either.

      - As far as I tested, this "special" black only appears when the page has a link (an image, for example). EPS or JPG, Colored or Bitmap, ICC-Tagged or Untagged, doesn't matter.



      I think this isn't a problem for most people, because once the PDF is made, only a few companies choose to reconvert its colors. But for the ones who do, it can be a headache. In our case, we use Agfa's Apogee Workflow software.

      Already tried their forum, but I think this is where the good PDF brains are.


      I wanted at least to understand this and try to avoid somehow (maybe with a PitStop Action or something).



      Any help will be apreciated.



      Thanks a lot and best wishes,



      Tiago Cheregati