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    Photo Downloader Freezes Up

    Gary Niemeier Level 1

      Hi, I just wanted to offer my experience with the "photo downloader freezing up" issue. I recently upgraded Camera Raw to 6.5, and once done, photo downloader would freeze whenever the "choose" button was clicked (to move to a different folder). The only way out was to force quit. Other forum users have, of course, noticed this problem, and Adobe has responded. As best I know today (Nov. 9), there still isn't a patch for it. An Adobe rep said the only solution is to go backwards to Camera Raw 6.4.1, and he offered a link to download that version. The problem with this is that the installer will return an error message. Apparently it won't replace a new version with an older version. If one could simply obtain the plug-in itself without going through the installer, that would work. I had to figure all this out myself. I also had a heck of a time finding out where exactly the Camera Raw plug-in is located. It is: root directory:Library:Application Support:Adobe:Plug-ins:CS5[or your version]:FileFormats. So how to obtain the Camera Raw 6.4.1 plug-in? The easiest way is to locate the copy on your own computer by using Time Machine. Just go back to, say, September, select the plug-in, and restore. Once the Camera Raw plug-in is in place, the freeze problem is no more. If I've done anything out of the ordinary or stupid with this method, I hope Adobe will let me know. This is how it went for me. Thank you.