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    Audio Effects Will Not Work On the Clip's Audio Track

    paleo bob Level 1

      I am having a problem with audio effects.  I drag any effect to a clip’s audio track and get a circle with a cross through it and the effect does not get added to the clip.  Audio effects work on the narration and soundtrack tracks.  I have tried using Smart Mix on the clip’s audio track and receive the message “Cannot perform Smart Mix.  Missing audio in foreground or background track.”

      All tracks seem to work fine in playback but I just can’t get any audio effects to work on the clip’s audio track.  I have copied the clip’s audio track to a new track with the same results.  The same results are present in all projects I have done.

      My camcorder is a Sony Handycam, Model  HDK-CX160.  I use HDAVCHD for shooting movies.  All projects settings in PRE9 are  “ NTSC-AVCHD-Full HD 1080i 30 5.1 Channel”.

      I would appreciate any help on this problem.