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    Robo freezes when opening or importing


      I cannot open projects or import files or images in RoboHelp. I can open existing projects in Windows Explorer, but I cannot open them via File > Open, or by clicking Open...on the splash screen. I am trying to create a new project, but cannot import my company's css, skin, or any other templates I need to create the project I want. This is a Robo problem only. I do not have this problem with FM or Captivate. This is a fairly recent problem that seemed product related, not project related, so i uninstalled and reinstalled robo help, but it did not help anything.


      When I click File > Open or File > Import, Robo freezes, and I cannot click anything. When I hit Esc on the keyboard the mouse is released and I can again navigate and click stuff in Robo


      Has anyone else had this problem?