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    Error message in Contribute on file checkout from Subversion

    RolandeDeschaine Level 1

      I have Contribute CS5 and Subversion talking to each other perfectly (I also have my Dreamweaver CS5.5 connected to this Subversion server). I can create a new file in Contribute and save it which checks the file into Subversion, but everytime I try to open either an exsisting file (or the new one I just created) I recieve an error message "There is a mismatch in the version of the file on the site, and the source file. Click OK to choose a version from the Subversion server." I say OK choose the most current version and then recieve another error message "The file in the Subversion repository could not be locked. Contact your admin for details"


      Subersion and Dreamweaver 5.5 are working together like a charm (check in/out and locks) but Contribute not at all. I have read and reread the forums (both for Subversion and here) and none of the solutions are quite fit my problem (although I have tried them just to see).


      Any suggestions?


      Here are my details:


      Contribute is running on a Windows 7 machine

      Subversion is VisualSVN Server running on a Windows 2008 Server (running the Subversion build recommended by Dreamweaver 1.6.17 not the newest build 1.7)

      I have a QA server (where we check in and out from) running on Windows 2008 server (all the 2008 servers are running the newest RC builds)

      We connect to the QA server via a share