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    Errors in Extension Builder 1.5 trial

    ed@edkelley.biz Level 1

      I have tried the install for Flash Builder and Extension about 10 different times trying different options but I always end up with the same error where the last swc in the Referenced Libraries gives a cannot load error




      Description Resource Path Location Type

      Design mode: Cannot load cmisclientlib.swc (reason: ERROR: Load Verify). It may require classes (such as Adobe AIR components) that are not supported by design mode. Check the Eclipse error log for more details. LayoutBuilder.mxml /LayoutBuilder/src "Design view" Problem



      When I bring up the layout in design mode it will not show images or change based on the Theme

      Here is the layout in Flash Builder:



      Here is the design in Photoshop - It displays with the correct Theme and shows the images:



      Does anyone know of a solution for this problem or can point me in the right direction? This problem makes what should be a simple design very hard to work with.