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    Images don't show in PDF or overprint preview

    its_betty Level 1

      I'm having a strange problem. I have 11 InDesign files that are basically the same (sharing the same styles and object styles.) 10 files are fine.


      Mac OS 10.6.8, CS5.5, using File>>Export to create PDFs.


      One file is causing problems. The images don't show when exported to PDF. (They also don't show in InDesign in Overprint Preview.) Settings are exactly the same as images that work in other files.


      These images are pasted into the INDD file. One possible difference: these images were pasted (by someone else) from a Publisher file. The other files have some images pasted in from PowerPoint files. I know that pasting images is not recommended, lectures not needed.


      I am trying to get access to the images to link them properly, but I'd like to figure out what is causing the problem.


      I found a few other forum discussions on the subject, but none with an answer. (Feel free to point me to a helpful previous discussion.)


      Any ideas?