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    AE CS5 Hangs on RAM / Audio Preview

    dgypsy_cg Level 1

      After Effects hangs (spinning ball) for 15-30 seconds every time I do a RAM or audio preview.  Really a problem as I am timing animation to a VO track. 


      This problem seems to worsen as I continue working on the project over the course of the past few weeks.  The project is pretty simple, mainly using vector art -- some created directly in AE and others imported from Illustrator.  There are few effects and some basic camera moves.  There is one video layer and one audio layer.  Some comps do have a lot of layers, but I even have the problem if I create a new comp with only one shape layer.


      I have tried everything I can think of: restarting, purging all, resetting prefs to defualt, moving project / footage from remote drive to local, removing all video, reducing project to only one comp, messing with memory prefs, mulitprocessing, Open GL, etc., etc.  Sometimes the problem will clear up for an hour or so, and then come right back.  Sometimes it will also hang when performing basic operations in the project window, such as creating a new comp, duplicating or renaming a comp.  The problem seems to be project specific, other projects are fine.


      I also experienced the same problem with another vector based project a few months ago while working in-house on a brand new, souped-up machine (don't recall the specs).  The problem was never resolved there either.


      Thanks in advance for any help!!!



      AE CS5


      Mac OS 10.6.8

      2 x x.26 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon

      12 GB RAM

      NVIDIA GeForce GT 120

      G-Drive 500 GB external