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    Sizing a window for capturing


      I am about to start a new project where I will be capturing a web-based application. We've decided to capture the inside of the browser window (so none of the browser interface will show). I am almost positive that the client will come back at some point and want to add just a couple frames to a number of the files. This has happened to me in the past with other clients and what always happens is the capture jumps (I'm off a few pixel generally). What I would like is a way to size the browser window to the same number of pixels (x and y) every time as well as place it at the same spot on my desktop. This way I will avoid being off a few pixels whenever I capture and I won't have that annoying little jump on frames that have been added after the original capture.

      There was a piece of freeware that someone posted back when we were on RoboDemo that helped with this but I can't find my copy anywhere. Do any of you have it?