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    CS5 shortcut sets not saving


      I have been trying to create a couple of custom keyboard shortcut sets to roll out to a work group of 25. The shortcut sets are created to be able to get to the Dictionary Preferences easily, and another one to access Dynamic Spelling. The shortcut sets work fine a couple of times and then the shortcut keys I have set up disappear. I then have to recreate them. To the best of my knowledge I'm setting everything up correctly.


      There was a post from August 12, 2011 about this problem but it was for a Windows OS, so it's hard for me to tell what the solution to fix this is.


      I am on Mac OS X 10.6.6, InDesign CS5 version 7.0.3. If there's any more specific information someone needs please let me know.


      Has anyone else had this problem, and if so, how has it been resolved. Any suggestions will be welcomed.

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          I don't remember hearing anything like this, but the first thing to do is update to 7.0.4.

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            John Hawkinson Level 5

            Did you quit and restart after setting up the shortcuts?

            Do the files appear in ~/Library/Preferences/Adobe InDesign/Version 7.0/locale/InDesign Shortcut Sets?


            Do they disappear when they stop working?

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              whatthebeach Level 1

              My first time posting something, so I do need to say that I find this forum an invaluable resource, and has always been very helpful.


              Thank you so much for responding to my dilemma. The shortcut sets do show up in the Preferences and don't disappear once the shortcut key stops working. What is odd is that my Shortcut Set is still there, but my shortcut commands are gone, so I probably should have stated "shortcut command", instead of "set".


              Also, there is somewhat of a mystery going on here, for me, anyhow. I thought I would try one more time before updating to 7.0.4, and for some unknown reason everything is working as it should. I didn't restart or shut down before I left for the evening. So I'm unsure of what was going on.


              But thanks again for your responses.

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                John Hawkinson Level 5

                It's a good idea to restart InDesign after you create new shortcuts or preferences. Sometimes the settings aren't saved until you quit, so if InDesign quits abnormally (crashes, or you do a Force Quit), newly changed settings may be lost.


                You don't Force Quit InDesign, do you?


                I would update to 7.0.4. before worrying about these problems, but either way, restart InDesign after you define a new shortcut and make sure it [still] works.

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                  whatthebeach Level 1

                  That was it! My InDesign was acting kind of buggy when I was trying to create the shortcut sets, and I reset my preferences before leaving for the day. So not a mystery after all!  Thank you John. I just love this forum!!