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    AE Linked Comp Project Crashes on AE Open, but still plays in PPro

    lbsimpson Level 1

      Hi all,


      I'm working with a linked composition in CS5.  Used the 'replace' command in PPro to send a series of clips to AE for keyframing etc.  Performed my moving edits in AE, saved, and returned to PPro to audio edit.    When I went to return to AE to modify the linked composition by opening the applicable AE project file, AE crashed as it started loading the project.  I received the following error messages:




      I tried opening AE this way a few times, with PPro open and closed.  I also restarted my tower as well as tried opening the AE project by selecting 'Edit Original' in PPro numerous times.  All attempts resulted in this crash.  I find it strange that the linked comp inside PPro is still reading and playing back normally as the  AE project seems to be corrupt. 


      On a whim, I tried copying the linked composition inside PPro and pasting it inside a brand new blank AE project.  This only produced a media offlline issue and when I tried to reload the footage, AE wouldn't recognize the original AE project that I was pointing it to.


      Anyone have any thoughts on this?  Is there any way to salvage this animation?  I would rather not have to recreate the entire thing.