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    Flash CS5.5 Auto Save Issues


      Alright, I've been having this annoying issue with flash. Flash auto saves my project every 10 minutes, but, I would rather have flash save every thirty minutes. This can be very aggravating, because, when every I return to use flash It is saving. When I am in a rhythm working on a project flash interrupts me to autosave.


      Autosave is great in that It has saved me having to redo work, but, I would rather choose to save when I am ready.


      I tried to change the auto-recovery setting to a different amount of time. FlashPreferences>General>Auto-Recovery

      This does not work. Flash will continue to save every 10 min.



      Any thoughts or solutions would be appreciated.


      Thanks in advance!



      Bike Lust Comics


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          Sukhi12 Level 1

          Hi Pat ,


          Autosave and Auto- recover are  two different option . If you need to  set  the Autosave  timing  options or Disabled  please  follow the steps below  :


          1) In Document PI under Properties section click on wrench  image i.e  Edit document properties button and turn ON / OFF Auto -Save option .


          2) Create a New Document dialog box has an option to set Autosave OFF & ON  and you can set the timing as well .


          I hope this help.




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            BikeLustComics Level 1

            Thanks Sukhibir!  I found the setting and set it to 30 min. I can stop pulling my hair out now!


            At first, I was a little confused about where to find the wrench so I made some screenshots to help people find this:




            Thanks again!


            Bike Lust Comics