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    Software conflict realized; anyone else?


      I use Windows 7 As my OS, Firefox as my browser, and naturally speaking 10 as my verbal software. I'm an unpaid user downloading/speaking of Adobe reader 10.1.1.


      Downloaded this version the other day as a Firefox suggested plug-in needing updating. Ran into all sorts of unexplained problems with speech engine crashes. Couldn't quite get to the bottom of it as the error Directed me to a DNS conflict, and matters far too technical which I could not have created. Nothing else has changed. Did a system restore previous to reader update, and everything back to normal. Did not want to believe it could be, so attempted downloading again today. Same problem now. Seems to happen whenever Adobe is running, but also sporadic during browser operations, and other. Is anyone else experiencing same? Is there any other way to alert Adobe Systems personnel? Should I revert to the previous 9.4 reader, and do without PDF documents until a Bug fix is created? Any suggestions?



      Thomas J. Reidy