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    Color correction/effects when working with long clips

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      First time poster!


      I'm a beginner with Adobe Premiere Pro 5.5. I'm using it right now to do some color correction on badly produced DVD's in my film collection! I was wondering if it is possible when doing color correction effects on a clip if you can apply different effects to different parts of a clip. For example - At the beginning of a clip, the scene is really bright, but, some 30 minutes later, the clip is really dark. Is it possible to darken the beginning and lighten the ending? How would you folks deal with a situation like this? Would you edit the film down to smaller parts? If so, how would you go about that?


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          Jon-M-Spear Level 4

          Use the razor tool (C) to cut the clip into sections.  Apply different effects to the different sections.

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            Welcome to the forum.


            Along with Jon-M-Spear's suggestion (the one that I use most often too), many Effects can be Keyframed, so that they change over time. However, this does take some time, and can involve a lot of fiddling.


            If you have a long Clip, and know that you will be adding the same set of Effects, but just with different attributes, you can do one of two things, and both rely on Jon-M's method:


            • You can create an Effect Preset, and apply that to all of your Cut, let's call them "sub-Clips," even though that term has other meanings, so be careful when using it. Then apply that Preset to all of those sub-Clips. Then, tweak each application of the Preset, as is needed for the individual sub-Clip.
            • In a similar fashion, you can apply all necessary Effects to the first of your sub-Clips, tweak for it, as is necessary, then Rt-Click on it, chosing Copy. Now, Select all of the rest of the sub-Clips, to which you wish to apply that set of Effects, Rt-Click on them, choosing Paste Attributes, and then tweak, as needed.
            • A variation on the above would be to apply the Effects to the origianal Clip, and THEN make the Cuts. Go back and tweak each individual sub-Clip.


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              Thanks for the help guys! I'm having a blast fixing up old unrestored Chinese films on DVD! I'm really liking Adobe so far!