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    Vanishing Render Bar

    Joseph R.H.



      I'm having an issue where the render bar in Premiere Pro CS5.5(latest version) vanishes. Upon loading the project the render bar appears as normal, red, green and yellow bars. But when I try to render a portion of the sequence Premiere Pro begins to render then stops as if it has completed the rendering. This also results in the render bar vanishing.(see pic below) After this Premiere behaves as if the entire project is rendered. Pressing enter or trying to render the entire work area causes Premiere to immediately try and play the sequnce which is obviously choppy due to unrendered effects. I've tried removing all my render files manually and via the Premiere Pro interface, this does not work. I've also tried creating a blank project and importing the sequence I need, this does not work either.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks